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  • irk replied to the topic Bee/Wasp stings-how much do they hurt? in the forum Health 1 month ago

    Yes this is what happened to me. I was stung as a child and had no major reaction, then stung as a teenager and got a very big swelling and then the last time it dropped my blood pressure and made me collapse. The hospital gave me an epi pen as they is a chance next time that it could get worse- throat closing etc.

  • irk replied to the topic Well done Donald! in the forum Banter 3 months ago

    Like all chess Grand Masters, Israel is several moves ahead of stopping this. Anybody who even thinks of saying something contrary or negative towards what Israel is doing, immediately has the Racist Card thrown at them. And Israel has the Trump Racist Card with its own showstopping title anti-zionist.

    Who’s going to raise their head above the…[Read more]

  • irk replied to the topic Well done Donald! in the forum Banter 3 months ago

    Until I saw the news late last week, I was blissfully unaware of the atrocity that was unfolding on the border.

    I think, we’ve hit a watershed moment that as always only happens at the cost of bloodshed.

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    Err, in all the countries I know with a deposit scheme and automatic scanners you get a credit note which is paid out at any till. Otherwise it´s just done by the cashier anyway, I just throw the crate on the heap and the shopkeeper credits me.

    Because the German system was set up by the industry, not some half-wit in a ministry it´s infinitely f…[Read more]

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    And that point is being lost. People are still obsessed with calories, which in the form of mono unsaturated fat is completely different from same calorific content of glucose.

    Look how popular low fat yoghurts are. YeoValley low-fat yoghurt 7.5 g sugar 56 kcal / 100g. YeoValley normal yoghurt 5.6g sugar and 82 kcal / 100g.

    So on a calorie…[Read more]

  • “All things are poison… only the dose makes a thing not a poison”

    Are e-cigs bad for you? Depends on the circumstances. If you were previously a non-smoker I would have thought so, if you have replaced fags for e-cigs probably not.

  • The ‘great recession’? It was or is barely a blip and huge number of people have unaffected by it. Many have benefitted from near zero rate mortgages etc..

    @bob Would you care to give the rationale behind that? Comparing key economic measures like earnings, gdp, productivity etc.

    I think unemployment has been relatively unaffected which is…[Read more]