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    Slightly off topic, I do wonder about fish. Many see to die a horrible death, just being dragged out of the water and left to suffocate, and no-one ever seems to bother about fish. It’s a serious comment, I just wonder sometimes why no one ever complains about the way fish are caught/killed, or am I missing something.

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  • @isac Have you ever been involved in ‘a bit of conflict’? It’s all well and good pontificating from the safety of your arm chair, but you might feel differently when it’s your wife who risks being shot, blown up or otherwise having their life brutally curtailed as they go about their daily business.

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  • Seem to have missed the “over centuries” bit in my post. It’s not just our grandparents, but their parents in WW1 and in the many, many generations before that who fought in all manner of conflicts, whether abroad or among rival kingdoms within Britain. If you can’t think on a scale larger and single person and a single lifetime no wonder you…

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  • It may seem hard to believe from where we live but none of us is entitled to safety and freedom. We have it because over centuries we’ve forged strong nations with stable democratic governments to keep the peace and powerful armies to defend ourselves with. Collectively we’ve earnt our safety and our freedom.

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