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  • I suffer really bad with nightmares and they are always worse when I sleep on my back!

  • I’ve been stung by a bee – I trod on the poor thing barefoot – and it hurt A LOT, but quickly subsided after pulling the barb out and no adverse reaction.

    I’ve also been stung by a wasp – about a week before the bee sting – on the elbow, it also hurt like hell and my whole arm swelled up and went red.
    A couple of years ago I got stung multiple…[Read more]

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    Could this ever be done in something like a General Election?

    When I vote, its just me and the ballot box, but online, can my vote really be anonymous?

    Bad news. Ballot papers are numbered and they write down that number next to your name.

    “Today, to prevent fraud, every ballot paper carries a Serial number as well as a unique official mark.…[Read more]

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    I have a heal spur, which is basically arthritis on the heal and feels just like PF. Mine hurts more in flat shoes, particularly wellies or (surprisingly) trainers. I work on a farm and do a lot of walking I blame years of wearing wellies and muckers. I also walk very heavily on my heels, which won’t have helped. I find wearing good walking boots…[Read more]

  • What’s stopping the French government opening the border and then closing their eyes to who want’s to exit France?

  • What should happen is that the accused should remain anonymous until (and if) conviction. Maybe this is now the case these days?

    It isn’t, but it is a different argument. It’s a difficult subject as there are pros and cons of anonymity.

  • I am a notoriously bad sleeper and have tried all kinds of things. I use a sleep app called Pzizz which helps a lot (really, try it!)

    If the OH is snoring (which he normally is) then the app doesn’t block him out so I use foam earplugs and a pair of sleep headphones with a very loud white noise app.