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    Israeli policy must change, and then Israel can claim to “want peace”. Until then, it is clear to the world that Israel wants violence.

    These are the official Israeli conditions for peace with Hamas. (Taken from the Arab media, to avoid claims of bias)…[Read more]

  • The casino will happily let you play like this. The house edge is still 2.7% if you bet on red or black so they couldn’t care less how you play. Their bankroll is much bigger than yours so you will still run out of money eventually.

    Roulette is a fair game and the only strategy for a (non-rigged) roulette game is to be the casino!

  • One of the cruelest aspects of being on Death Row I should imagine. Knowing the exact date and time of the approaching demise.

  • @elly I don’t think so I think for many it’s exercise that triggers it.
    In my case it was running on the beach I got up the next morning and could not take a step.
    I had a horrible time with it until I broke my leg and was basically in bed for most of the next six months and the rest cured it. I still use arch supports and do exercises and if I e…[Read more]

  • If you’re non weight bearing for a few days then I’d make an appointment. Sometimes it is easier to deal with these sorts of injuries earlier to prevent the need for physio later.

    I know how you feel, I slipped in the shower in a hotel and landed with my shin on a metal shower screen rail. It wasn’t painful to walk on but the bruising was…[Read more]

  • I think that limit is an order of magnitude higher than what the UK does, but I don’t think it’s high enough – nor can it be – for what may be coming. The international community needs to act swiftly – and violently where necessary – to prevent a country disintegrating to the point where most people want to leave it otherwise it’s really going…

    [Read more]

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    Unlikely to be food. Today I had eaten porridge for breakfast some 3hrs before, no other food.

    @garygary Could be low blood sugar. In the past few years I’ve had several no-pain migraines, zigzags etc., sometimes gone blind in one eye, and always related to not having eaten for a few hours. I note you’d not eaten for 3 hours before your last…[Read more]

  • Hot oil. Throw in your cumin seeds and wait till they darken. Blend the onions and cook with the lid on until dark golden brown. Add blended green chillis and ginger/garlic as required and fry off for a couple of minutes. Add meat at this point (if using) which may or may not have been marinated in yogurt/spice mix. Cook off till the oil separates…[Read more]

  • Presumably the logic is:

    1. The Le Touquet agreement allows the UK to put an immigration control on french soil.

    2. According to UK law people can only apply for asylum once they are already on UK soil.

    3. So asylum seekers wishing to get to the UK get stuck in Calais.

    4. Somebody has to pick up the bill.

    5. Currently that somebody is the…[Read more]

  • I use those melatonin capsules from time to time. They really help me get to sleep and back to sleep when I wake up.

    I tried them, but I’m one of the side effect statistics, made me itchy all over.

    I use a mix of Eschscholzia californica (californian poppy), valerian, chamomile and Passiflora in fluid extract form

    I buy my herbs from Panacea…[Read more]

  • Having had streaming issues last week the pharmacist then did say that for whatever reason if something tips us over the edge it does seem to come out in eyes. Mine are definitely cream sensitive and as it was I didn’t know if the issue was suncream being outside/pollen, the sun etc etc, despite taking 3 loratadine throughout the day. I left with…[Read more]

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    I work in a similar role and love it mostly due to the fact I am alone!

    But you say your fear is because you have all this responsibility, but you have a manager. So therefore you’re not alone – you have others near if you need them and they’re only a phone call away. It’s very character building to work alone and shows great work ethic and ability.

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    I get this cycling 1 mile, the oh told me not to lock them out, maybe a habit you’ve picked up?

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    Thanks one and all 🙂

  • Katy started the topic Best Tanning Cream? in the forum Banter 2 years, 4 months ago

    So I’m off to a family wedding very soon and I am feeling very pasty white…

    So folks, what’s the best (but not too expensive ) tanning cream to buy?

  • that the base position should be that all rape victims are telling the truth.

    @phil Getting a bit pedantic here (but I do think it matters), all rape *victims* are indeed telling the truth (else they would not be “victims”).

    What matters is whether rape *accusers* are telling the truth.

  • I’ll make a suggestion. A couple of decades ago, women complaining of rape were treated very skeptically by the police, with the result that many women were reluctant to go to them.

    Campaigners succeeded in changing the culture, leading to a presumption that all accusations are true. “Always believe victims”, they say (where people making…[Read more]

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    Don’t worry, he has cancelled his trip here next month to open the new American embassy.

  • Has anyone done this and can tell me how it works.

    I have to give evidence in a trial related to my work but at present haven’t been told what day I may need to go. The trial starts Monday. Will it be decided then who will be called and when and how much notice do you get?

    I am only giving evidence on something that was disclosed to me – n…[Read more]

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