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  • @katy Your method sounds spot on, though for slow cooking braising beef or shin, doesn’t matter too much what you do to the onions (i.e. no need to blend them) as it will all cook down,/ So tend to treat it like making a tomato based stew, including searing the meat for flavour.

    Two things I am not so sure of

    Yogurt in a tomato-based,…[Read more]

  • Getting a bit pedantic here (but I do think it matters), all rape *victims* are indeed telling the truth (else they would not be “victims”).

    What matters is whether rape *accusers* are telling the truth.

    @katy Yes, of course, I should have used accusers.

    My post wasn’t trying to belittle the issue of rape at all, simply point out the change…[Read more]

  • @katy You may be right that it’s attitudinal change that has lead to this, but prominent members of the legal profession (e.g. The Secret Barrister) are pointing to lack of resources in the police and CPS to properly investigate and prepare cases for court.

    It has never been the police’s job to find evidence of guilt, and always to be objective…[Read more]