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  • The trouble with bees and wasp stings is I’m told you can develop an increasing allergic reaction to the venom so no matter how many times you’ve been stung – the next might be worse!
    I’ve been stung many times by both species and also two hornets which I didn’t realize until I looked at my hand to find out what was crawling over it – quite…[Read more]

  • No I don’t want to know but we should all live our lives as if our demise may not be far away. There is nothing sadder than hearing of someone who’s had a shit life in order to save up for a great retirement only to find they croak or are laid low with some sort of disability before they get a chance to enjoy themselves.

  • I don’t ever really wear heels but mine is linked to my bendiness/subsequent posture issues. My right foot behaves well my left foot has a tendency to flatten shin rolls it inwards.
    I’ve not had a twinge in the last three years since I changed to ‘barefoot’ as much as possible and so pleased I did it. The rest of my body still seems to be pretty…[Read more]

  • I did some on-line shopping with Tesco in the past, had some substitutions of which driver told me about on arrival and nothing weird…

    Order a pack of ladies razors and receive a a garden strimmer instead…