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  • Could be a Blandford fly. Round here the horseflies have gone, but these little gits are causing merry mayhem. Their bites really hurt like mad. I ended up on antibiotics with cellulitis – had a big swollen area around the bites, which then started spreading. Do keep an eye on yours.

  • I’m allergic to wasp stings. Last got stung a few years ago, while I was driving. Managed to pull over and promptly collapsed in the car due to my blood pressure plummeting. Woke up slumped over the passenger chair and managed to get my phone out and ring for help. My poor dog was in the back and she was terrified.

    I have an epi-pen now.

  • Pay for them in what way?? Our present policy is directed to keeping them out. Measures to ensure that cost a lot of money. If we want that to happen, we’d jolly well better share the cost of it with France, hadn’t we?

    If on the other hand what you meant was, should the fifth largest economy in the world provide the resources necessary at lea…[Read more]

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    By ‘silent’ do you mean without the headache? My mum gets the visual disturbance only and a mild headache. Me, on the other hand, gets the ninja migraine lol.

    I think there’s a million and one triggers and one thing I’ve learned over the last 40 years of suffering with them is your triggers can change over time. I had one yesterday, probabl…[Read more]

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    @mick Financially: yes, money is just a tool, like all tools it can be modified or used differently as the user chooses.

    Environmentally: Not even close at present levels of consumption without almost unimaginable changes to the care taken in extracting, consuming and reusing resources. With that… maybe but I’ve no idea how we get there since…[Read more]

  • One of my favorite recipes is Meat Dilruba from Mridula Baljeka’s: Complete Indian Cookbook. The lamb is marinated in ginger/garlic/turmeric then simmered for an hour. After that it is fried in a spice mix, coconut is then added and the liquid returned to the pan.

  • Think I’ve had this when the postman isn’t the regular one. Our usual one is a nice chap and knows that if we’re not in, the houses either side will accept parcels for us and vice-versa.

    If you are expecting something, maybe leave a note on the door next time that you are in and expecting him?

  • So my sleeping pattern seems to have changed over the last year and I am sleeping no where as well as I used to. Hence feel rubbish most days and its making me grumpy.
    Any sleep aid recommendations please.

  • I have very dry eyes and they are always streaming. I have a gel to put in at night – it’s no good for during the day as it makes everything blurry – and drops for during the day. I’ve recently changed to preservative free ones as the optician said the preservatives can cause mites in the eye – yuck! The other thing that helps is an eye spray…[Read more]

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    @mark1 Well it seems they aren’t too bothered about helping you resolve the situation. Are you on probabtion period? Is it the sort of meds that will have an instant impact on increase or ssri/snri?

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    Firstly you seem to have identified the problem, don’t underestimate how difficult that can be to do! You have asked for a change, also big tick, that leaves you with management of the current situation so it is at least bearable, a trip to the GP would be a good idea, also google iapt in your area as they are often self referral and will run…[Read more]

  • Is it possible that you ate something different that causes the spike, or that the sample was contaminated? Not been well, that can cause your BM to rise? Did they do the HbA1c, which gives a better picture over a longer period?
    I think we all heading towards type II, to a greater or lesser extent. Have you had a look at the various charities…[Read more]

  • I believe in many of the recent cases the non disclosure has related to electronic evidence (pictures of the couple cuddling in today’s case, deleted Facebook messages in another).

    This implies a problem handling this sort of information and I suspect is budget related (either for technology or training).

    The Secret Barrister has an interesting…[Read more]

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    I second the St Moritz. As a whiter than Casper the ghost, Geordie girl, I’ve had to learn which is the best fake tan! 😀 (Please don’t think I’m Geordie Shore though!!)

    The medium in colour is best if you’re not an expert as it is very forgiving and you can build to colour up. I just go straight for the dark for the above reasons!