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  • To my mind, it can more read like him trying to make life simpler by ‘fudging’ things, because he didn’t stand to make any money from it. I can’t see why he didn’t claim it from the Office Costs Budget, that seems a bit strange to me, I guess it would have used up all funding available for him towards sorting out his offices in the simplest of…[Read more]

  • Absolutely fine, it’ll keep in the shed for ages. perhaps get a plastic bottle and leave full of new oil in the spare wheel well, it could get you or a mate out of a pickle should the oil light ever come on

  • One top tip is to get a funnel as trying to pour the oil into the little filling hole when you take the dipstick out is frustrating and messy in equal measure!

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    There are 10 times more bacterial cells in our bodies than human ones, I’m guessing they’re rather important! Although I have no idea how they benefit us, maybe someone on here knows…

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    I suspect you are equally unaware of what the Syrian army is doing in Yarmouk. A suburb of Damascus, once home to 115,000 descendants of Palestinian refugees, now largely depopulated and destroyed.

    Quoting from this. Action Group…[Read more]

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    If ecigs are just as bad should they have the same level of restrictions on them as normal cigs?

    Yes, but I don’t think that anybody has suggested that they are. If you worry about cancer, then I would be far more concerned with traffic pollution or UV exposure in day to day life than passive e-cig smoking.

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    it was my understanding ‘hunters’ typically killed animals that would otherwise be killed by the rangers themselves. If there are two elephant bulls vying for the same cows. Or there is an old bull who is no longer effectively mating and holding up the birth rate of the herd. Etc etc.

    @cammy That’s what I had been led to believe, yet in that…[Read more]

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    Anyone else watch the documentary about the various attitudes towards trophy hunting, conservation, livelihoods of the local people, and poaching in South Africa on BBC4 last night? Whichever way you look at it it is a highly emotive and complex controversy, but I was very disturbed by some aspects of it, particularly the footage of the dying…[Read more]

  • @jimmy In a sense I agree but I have no doubt my parents (wartime) generation were more stoic and, yes, generally tougher. But that was a product of the times and we are more fortunate.

  • @carly Yeah, it may be possible to get an edge on a particular wheel or with a particular croupier – but, in addition to the enormous amount of work required to do this, you have to remember that the casino will be looking out for this and will work against you. They can (and do) rotate croupiers to make this harder, and can simply refuse to take…[Read more]

  • Don’t do it – it’s extremely dangerous.

    You can quickly get to a situation where you’re wagering vast sums of money to try to win a very small amount; ultimately you run the risk of reaching a point where you simply can’t afford to place the bet, or, more likely, you’ll reach the max stake for the table and be unable to win your money back. And…[Read more]

  • It would be kind of handy with the financial planning.

    Though a touch disconcerting the day before.

    Would you want to know?

  • One big contributor to plantar fasciitis is the little structureless ballet pumps and overly squishy ‘trainers’ we are all prone to wearing. Plantar Fasciitis is a symptom of over use/over stretching and when our feet get no support everything overworks and overstretches. That is not to say we need rock solid but some structure is really…[Read more]

  • NHS very stretched at moment you could be waiting a long long time to be seen in A&E. Have you a minor injuries unit it near you?

  • @andypandy What do you think ‘the limit’ has been calculated as being? I work in Wigan supporting asylum seekers (quick google should throw up what I do etc). In Greater Manchester, the figure is 1 per 200. We don’t quite reach that figure in Wigan (not enough cheap housing stock) but we have a very well cohessed community. This does place…[Read more]

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    I feel your pain I get migraines, with visual aura. Food is my major trigger, mainly sugar and carbs so porridge with sugar would be a no-no for me, as would not eating breakfast. Also driving at night can bring it on.

    My medical MiL suggested when you first feel one coming on to take your preferred painkiller and a strong dose of caffeine…[Read more]

  • Are there any basic principles about cooking curries with tomatoes, slow-cooked meat and yoghurt that I should go with?

    Generally – not always, but usually – don’t use yoghurt if you’re using tomatoes, they tend not to play well together.

    But for a weekday, slow-cooked curry don’t bother with spices and similar malarkey. Get a jar of…[Read more]

  • We’ve not had and real howlers, and the best one wasn’t even a substitution, just my sister having a blond moment! When she was about 15 my mum trusted her to do the online shopping, we did it quite regularly so already had a ‘regulars’ trolley. Wanted banana’s, 14 to be precise – what turned up was nearly 100 banana’s, she’d ordered 14 PACKETS of…[Read more]

  • In the case I read about there were messages from the accuser which pointed to the innocence of the accused which the police knew about but did not disclose. They have both a duty in law to investigate all reasonable lines of enquiry and to disclose information which may assist the defence.

    Evidence doesnt only point to guilt; it can also point…[Read more]

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