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  • @mo you seem to have missed the “over centuries” bit in my post. It’s not just our grandparents, but their parents in WW1 and in the many, many generations before that who fought in all manner of conflicts, whether abroad or among rival kingdoms within Britain. If you can’t think on a scale larger and single person and a single lifetime no wonder…[Read more]

  • No, your grandparents or grand grandparents generation fought for your relative freedom, alongside those of the countries we’ve had colonised.

    You, what you’ve done, is just being born in the right place and being a hypocrite.

    @mo I didn’t even know where to start there with his post. But its similar in the US, many third and fourth gen…[Read more]

  • why should they?

    @mo They left because the war made their country unsafe. Would people still leave if there wasn’t a war on ??

    They make a home in their new host country, marry, have kids, why uproot them.

    When the war is over (If it ever will be) and their country becomes safe again, surely they would want to return home. I think I would.

  • They want a safe life? Free life? Entitled brats…

    @mo It may seem hard to believe from where we live but none of us is entitled to safety and freedom. We have it because over centuries we’ve forged strong nations with stable democratic governments to keep the peace and powerful armies to defend ourselves with. Collectively we’ve earnt our…[Read more]