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    South African government confiscating land from white farmers! I read an article today about South African government plans to take land from white farmers without compensation. There doesn’t seem to be a big reaction to it internationally. It seems unwise, (to say the least) after the experience in Zimbabwe. I understand it’s populist but it’s irresponsible.

    It’s the sort of thing that scares away investment as well. Who would want to invest in the country if there’s a chance the government will seize your assets. I wonder will SA go the way of Zimbabwe?.

    • I think the only reason that there still is any white farmers ( or businessmen) in Sud Afrika, is because Nelson Mandela and his lot sold out his own kind in his efforts to become a living god and a be a white blackman. The threat of a lesser “understanding” administration has always been on the cards. And after all – if they do pee it all up the wall – it’s their country to do with as they please.

      60,000 murders a year the last time I looked and vast swathes of the poor still living in single roomed shacks. Cry Freedom!

    • Hopefully things don’t turn out badly. It would be a shame, because if the corruption wasn’t so bad the country could be prosperous. I think corruption is the biggest thing that’s holding many countries back. There are lots of places where nothing works because everyone has to take a cut.

      It could work if the farm land in SA is sold to black farmers. The problem in Zimbabwe was it was given to people friendly to the government that had no farming background.

      Although regarding the poverty, it takes a long time for countries that were colonised to function to their potential after independence or apartheid in the case of SA. The professions and the civil servants would have been white. So the indigenous population have to catch up in terms of education. I don’t think that’s always recognised by those whose countries have always been independent.

      There’s also a lack of self confidence that colonised people have that’s an ingrained mentality that takes a long time to overcome and works to hold people back. (the country I’m from was colonised so I can see this myself)

    • Nelson Mandela would have known that reconciliation was important not just for society but also if the whites fled the country, the people with the knowledge of how to run the country and the professional classes would be gone.
      He had studied independence movements in other countries and was a lot shrewder than he is now portrayed

    • It could be seen as completing the circle that was begun when the white colonists arrived and took the land for themselves. The plantations and farms were often given to people for services rendered to the government of the colonising nation of the day. How many ner’re do well second sons etc were sent out to the colonies to save them embarrassing their families at home, who had no knowledge of farming etc?

    • Just to clarify a point here. Almost all the tribes of south Africa (both white and black)were at some point ,invaders/colonists. The africaana farmer has as much historical title to the land as any Zulu.It is one of the great mysteries of southern Africa ,why the place was so depopulated prior to the late 1700 s . The idea that the land was seized by white settlers throwing out the “rightful”black owners is a myth .EVERYBODY came in from outside and dispossessed and slaughtered the few Bushmen there.

      • That’s true and I don’t understand why we accept all who come and settle here and are born here regardless of skin colour and have laws to protect them them yet we are not going to stand up and say it’s wrong to discriminate against people who are white and have lived somewhere for many generations .
        Two wrongs do not make a right .

        • Up in Kashmir and the Hindu Kush ( now there’s a thing – the very mountains get their name for being killers of Hindus!) and I suspect over into Afghanistan – that you are either a “brother” or “frengi” – like us or a foreigner. Woe betide anyone who tries to take land or invade.

          However; that is a medieval mindset, when the Romans left Britain many of the locals enjoyed living as they did, with steam baths and under floor heating, when the Anglo-Saxons came in they burned down the lovely villas and built mud huts in the grounds. I saw exactly the same thing happen Zim – beautiful farms being confiscated from their white owners and portioned out to illiterate subsistance folk who’d scarely moved up the food chain from hunter gatherers – they smashed all the machinery, burned down the farmhouses and sometimes murdered the black farm workers who’d stayed on.

          Hopefully in this country, we can see passed someone’s race or culture for the combined good – I must say that my last building job was as diverse as the United Nations and we all got the job done.