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    1 year, 12 months ago
    Question about working at 2 different jobs!

    So my issue is pretty straight forward, I have been working for MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) on the Navy base for going on 11 years in the Officers club, as a dishwasher, but lately the hours have been really bad (1 day every 2 weeks) and besides a whole host of other issues that are not prudent to this question, I have sought out, and found other employment. The new job pays about the same per hour, but I will be getting ~30 hours a week, which is much better then I am getting now with my current job. I have done all the pre-employment drug screening and background check and have a date to attend new hire orientation. I have informed my current supervisor about my need for more hours and that it has forced me to obtain employment elsewhere, and she has been OK with it. Now yesterday I finally got an email response with a scheduled date to attend the orientation, and I immediately informed my current supervisor about needing the day off, to which she said OK. Then a few hours later I get a text message from the new employer stating that the next two days after orientation will be mandatory training days. One minute after I received that message, I texted my current supervisor and let her know that I had to have those days off as well. She did not reply until almost 3 hours later, stating that I could not have those days off because there are 2 parties on one day and the GSA expo on the other. I stood my ground and even forwarded the message stating that this was mandatory to her. She never responded to that message, but instead chose to answer another question that I had asked her. Now I am fairly certain that the only ‘risk’ in going to the new job is annoying or irritating my current supervisor, I doubt that she will attempt to fire me, considering how long I have been with her and the company.

    My question is basically am I right in doing this? Should I approach the whole situation differently, or am I right to do what I have done? Also to make it clear, I do not plan on quitting the MWR job until I have time to evaluate the new job and make sure that it is something I am able and want to do.

    • Sounds like you handled it well. Unless you’re the only guy she has and now she’s stuck with no one to work.

      • No, I’m no longer the only dishwasher, that is part of the other issues I’m having, suffice it to say my being or not being able to work at the drop of a fine is the least of the issues any longer. I am, however, the only dishwasher who has stuck it out through thick and thin, and I’ve been the only dishwasher at least 3 different times, so I really think that the only issue is that I’m no longer going to be johnny on the spot when the sh** goes down.

    • Just tell your current supervisor that your current job does not fulfill you financial needs. You tell her that you will continue to work there and have no plans on quitting but you have to attend these training days. From the sounds of it, you have always been there to provide your job with help when needed (sick calls, no-shows and what not) and that you have always been flexible when it comes to them needing you to work when the situation arises . It time for them to be flexible with you.

      If they aren’t going to be flexible with you and this job is going to provide you with the hours you need, you may need to quit. As long as you have given a good amount of notice (typically 2 weeks) to your current employer of these training days then there shouldn’t be a problem.


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