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    The civilised world needs to organise a boycott of Israeli goods, sporting events etc. This country needs to be ostracised in the same way South Africa was.

    My MP keeps telling how important it is for both sides to come together and stop the violence!!! FFS!

    “It’s a tricky situation, and how the UK should redouble their efforts to gain…[Read more]

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    It seems like there need to be some big shifts in society, I think. I think we can’t continue with being sedentary for much of the time, and the levels of salt and sugar and refined carbs that are being consumed by many. In the UK certainly, I think we’re going to break the NHS with obesity and diabetes related health problem, and maybe alc…[Read more]

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    E cigs just use nicotine. There are no cancer causing components of nicotine.

    The list of adverse effects is no longer than for many commonly used chemicals. If you drink tea or coffee there are a similar number.