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  • I’ve always been terrified of wasps and have been known to exit a stationary car over the driver if one came in the window. My body must have told my subconscious I would be allergic!!

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    If we didn’t have germs we wouldn’t need bog roll.
    Or would we just die instead?

    We’ve never been particularly clean in our house and we’ve got three healthy children who have rarely had the need to pay the GP a visit.

    Germs are good.

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    1. I don’t think we as outside observers can really understand why the troops open fire unless we’re standing there on their side.

    I think we can. The kids pulling the triggers do so because they’re ordered to, they’ve been raised to, fed with a language and narrative of fear, hate and otherness that enables them to keep firing on their fellow…[Read more]

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    It’s something I’ve often wondered about. Like most living creatures fish have nerves, and when you see them gasping to breathe and convulsing, they certainly seem to be in distress.

    @archer As far as I’m aware (aside from the urban myth that ‘fish don’t feel pain’) there is no scientific reason for us to treat fish so abysmally. I am no good as…[Read more]

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    The way you’re playing, where you stick on the same colour (or odds and evens,) means you aren’t taking it independently, but that you don’t get them same in a row enough to hit the upper limit. I triple each time, if I’m lucky, it goes well, but is time consuming, if I’m not, I’m bust. I use it, but only when dragged to a casino for a social…[Read more]

  • I’d want to know how many pages were left in a book, how long a film was or how many miles I’ve got to walk to get back to the car. Why not how many years I’ve got left?

    We all know that we’re going to die, knowing when would certainly concentrate the mind, help us focus on what is truly important and promote a sense of perspec…

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  • Seem to have missed the “over centuries” bit in my post. It’s not just our grandparents, but their parents in WW1 and in the many, many generations before that who fought in all manner of conflicts, whether abroad or among rival kingdoms within Britain. If you can’t think on a scale larger and single person and a single lifetime no wonder you…

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    I get full blown migraines. I had an awful one on Tuesday and spent the day in bed. My sight goes blurry and sometimes I am sick. I have been unfortunate to once have paralysis (happened whilst I was driving)

    I have Paramox and Simatripton which I have on repeat prescriptions.

    Sleep is my trigger, either too much or not enough of. I have worked…[Read more]

  • I had this at my last house all the time and it was frickin annoying making endless 18 mile round trips to the sorting office.

    When I moved here within a week everyone told me “we have a really good postman” and I was slightly baffled – I mean how good do you have to be to put stuff successfully through a letterbox?

    Then I found out.

    He…[Read more]