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  • sam replied to the topic Online voting? in the forum Banter 1 year, 5 months ago

    Stalin apprently said “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

  • @timo Nicotine on its own does have a long list of adverse events and despite rigorous research the issues are still not well understood. It’s the addiction and dependency that go hand in hand with all the cancer causing components that makes it nastier still.

  • @joey Global warming started well before the Millenials came on the scene. We’ve all been dealing with global warming for decades. The Millenials aren’t exactly doing anything about through their actions either.

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    I watched one of those survival programs based on stone age life. What struck me was that in the program the lazy , self centred and workshy ones seemed to survive better than those who worked hard finding food etc. They worked themselves to the bone while the others nicked the food and lay about conserving energy. I guess in the real stone age…[Read more]

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    @elly The idea behind it wasn’t to murder milllions though. The idea was to create a state of equals, which is a great idea. The problem was the leaders who didn’t implement equality, they just saw an opportunity to instal a dictatorship.

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    This is what we do:


    Serves 5
    Smear of olive oil
    1½ lb diced [stewing] beef
    2 large onions, chopped
    2 cloves crushed garlic
    3 tbsp curry powder
    1 tsp dried ginger
    150 ml chicken stock
    1 14 oz tin tomatoes
    175 gm (6 oz) frozen spinach
    Salt + pepper

    *Fry onions + garlic till soft (10 minutes)
    *stir in curry powder + ginger.…[Read more]

  • @kerry Not sure that would help. Sounds like the Op was in, but the postman didn’t want to deliver their package. Perhaps he didn’t feel like carrying it on the house or some.

    Op, Any thing particularly heavy? Assuming the video doesn’t identify where you live post it on their Facebook feed, might make someone pay attention?

  • They are in France. A perfectly fine country.

    @andypandy True. But the chances are most of the refugees, if they speak a second language speak English. Do you think they would have a better chance of rebuilding their shattered lives in France or the UK in this situation? What would you do in that situation?

  • I use those melatonin capsules from time to time. They really help me get to sleep and back to sleep when I wake up.

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    @mark1 They should be referring you to occupational health before asking you about resignation really….unless you brought resignation up?
    Taking the time to work things out is good – if you can figure out what’s triggering it then you might be able to find ways to manage it. To be fair to your employers, if you can’t give them something to go on…[Read more]

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    Can you play about with the angle of the handlebar stem? Some can be flipped over which raises/lowers the bars? Could help you to get a more relaxed arm.

    As I’ve got more ancient, I’ve had to alter my cycling posture a lot, and changed from drops to straight bars. Never had a problem with elbows, though, for me its mainly hands, neck and @rse!

  • Mixed up results can certainly happen! My late mother was erroneously told that she had a recurrence of breast cancer after hospital tests, it was two years later when a young, on the ball doctor questioned the diagnosis that she was told that it hadn’t recurred. Quite apart from the worry caused to my mother and her unnecessary treatment, what…[Read more]

  • From the first case, it seems evidence of innocence wasn’t updated on the file. Looks like mistakes were made because people were too busy.

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    Don’t know about the rest, but the fuse should be small enough to protect the cable feeding the motor.

    Sorry I know little about cars.

  • This started a few days ago. The mother of the child was on social media then saying it is nothing, just a storm over nothing etc and she isn’t the least bit offended as cheeky monkey is just a phrase.

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    @angrydude It’s not just the fact he called those countries shitholes, it’s that he was saying that people from those (predominantly black,) countries shouldn’t be allowed into America.

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    Why would calling unspecified countries “shithole” be racist?

    @angrydude Seriously? Applying such a word to entire countries and by clear implication all of their inhabitants? And he was referring to specific countries (all predominantly black) while approving the idea of immigrants from Norway (predominantly white, especially in his mind).…[Read more]

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    “Why are we having all these people come from shithole countries come here?”

    Quote not denied by oval office staff.

    Do we have to witness Trump murder somebody before he is removed from power?

  • I give evidence a lot for work at Crown Court. The court staff will be really nice and put you at ease, always ask of you’re unsure.

    If at Crown- the biggest tip I got is always speak to the jury, not the barrister asking questions. I know it seems weird that you don’t face the person asking the question, but the barrister is there to ask…[Read more]

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