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  • Stood on a wasp, I thought I had stood on a big thorn or splinter to start with as it was a sharp pain then just throbbing and stingy/itchy for a few hours after. Not nice at all.

  • I don’t think so I think for many it’s exercise that triggers it.

    Mine started when we moved into this house and I upped my daily step count to 25/30,000 for a few days. I think that that, combined with my gosh awful flat feet made me a dead cert to suffer from it

  • @carly I’ve got totally flat feet too and the doctor said that would have contributed as there’s no ‘spring’ in my feet, or flippers as I should perhaps more correctly term them.

  • @elly You could have a point about high heels as I don’t suppose my Nan’s generation wore them nearly so often as I used to (pre plantar fascitiis) or my mother’s generation. I only knew her when she was old, obviously, and she always wore lace up leather shoes with a small heel as anything else really hurt her feet. They did give you orthotics in…[Read more]

  • Has this complaint always been so prevalent do we think or are we just better at recognizing and naming it these days? I’ve had it since moving house just under two years ago and it can be incredibly painful and make me wince some days, although it’s not as bad now I’ve been wearing orthotics for the past 18 months.

    Thinking back, my late Nan…[Read more]

  • Yeah “camping” in Calais in January, right… That sounds nice.

    Oh yeah and police are actually seizing their “camping” gear and are generally not funny…[Read more]

  • Wax earplugs to block out noise? Do you need a new bed?

  • sarah replied to the topic Anxiety is crippling me in the forum Banter 1 year, 7 months ago

    I recently started feeling anxious about day to day things, not going as far as panic attacks but a sort of constant low level tense feeling. I’ve started listening to hypnosis recordings, downloaded on my kindle, aimed at tackling anxiety and confidence issues. I’m sure they are helping and I’m coping far better now in situations I found…[Read more]

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    I had this with my mountain bike. A colleague who is a very keen cyclist (ie. cycles 100 miles before lunch at the weekend etc!) recommended I heighten the handlebars so I’m sitting more upright.

    He said it was due to core strength (or my lack of it!). He said another way to improve it was to sit upright on the bike with tiptoes on the ground…[Read more]

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    I used to use St Tropez but it’s not the cheapest but it does go on nicely and lasts ages, but I have been using the St Moritz everyday gradual tanning cream it’s only about £4 and I am quite impressed with it so I went and bought the tanning mouse which has a much darker effect and it was just as good, savers shops and tesco sell the range, my…[Read more]

  • I don’t use online shopping because I like to pick my own items. I would be pretty annoyed if I was given something that I didn’t want or need when I paid for something else! Do you not get a refund for these substitutes?

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    The main point of Trump is that he’s a racist. That’s why his base vote for him.