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    I’ve been wondering for years how you could reduce the numbers of cans and bottles thrown out of vehicles but I’ve also been wondering how you could make a secure system. For example how much cash will the machines contain and how easily will they be broken open?

    I’ll put money on the system working for a few months then some clever barsteward…[Read more]

    • A good start might be to make the registered keeper of the vehicle liable for the littering, as with parking offences and such. It would then be much easier to enforce fines for littering, no need to stop the car nor necessarily to identify the individual responsible. Photographic or video evidence (decent dash-cam footage perhaps?) would be enough.

    • I really don’t understand this problem. I can’t grasp what sort of Fuxxwit thinks it’s acceptable to pitch an empty bottle or can out of the window. You have brought it from somewhere and put it in your car, how difficult is it to take the empty out of the car and bin it once back home again? The one that really surprised me was the jam I was in…[Read more]

    • Err, in all the countries I know with a deposit scheme and automatic scanners you get a credit note which is paid out at any till. Otherwise it´s just done by the cashier anyway, I just throw the crate on the heap and the shopkeeper credits me.

      Because the German system was set up by the industry, not some half-wit in a ministry it´s infinitely f…[Read more]

  • I don’t smoke and know nothing about effects of using e cigs. However, I think that vaping is stupid looking.

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    I get full blown ones with the headache. I have been getting them more frequently but that is, I think, due to stress.

    However, old folks going through menopause have found theirs increased in frequency. Might that apply to you?

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    @elly Indeed they are not, but does that make them any less valuable as people? I see the principle behind communism as vauling the person and ensuring that all have a decent quality of life, regardless of whether they are not so clever, sick, injured etc.

    The practicalities of this have been shown not to work so well, but the idea behind it…[Read more]

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    @elly The idea is that all people should be equal!

    I’m not saying I agree with how Marx suggested it should be implemented, but I do agree with the idea behind it.

    I have spent large amounts of time living in Russia, I do understand how bad it was for the countries that followed it, but this is not due to the idea of equality for all, but due…[Read more]

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    The main point of Trump is that he’s a racist. That’s why his base vote for him.

    @sarah I don’t agree. He got in because a lot of liberals didn’t vote for HRC. Many of us said how bad he would be and they are now seeing it. Its why the Dems just won Alabama of all places (not just Moore’s issues).

    These statements 1. further energize the lef…[Read more]