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  • Would you care to give the rationale behind that? Comparing key economic measures like earnings, gdp, productivity etc.

    My personal experience is of 10 years

    @irk I don’t think the problem with the recession, was the recession, but the absolute dire state of the UK finances before it. The ok was massively over spending, despite the so called…[Read more]

  • @gutted I agree, but to suggest millennials are having it tougher than previous generations and are coping admirably as @joey suggest is just laughable. All generations have different challenges and all cope as best they possibly can. In the 70/80s there were very very few who were doing well at all, the majority suffered for a variety of reasons.

  • @joey The ‘great recession’? It was or is barely a blip and huge number of people have unaffected by it. Many have benefitted from near zero rate mortgages etc..

    Glad to see you’ve change your view that the majority didn’t have a great time in the 70s and early 80s, with everyday better and better.

    Hero millennals… give me strength, it’s…[Read more]