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  • gary replied to the topic Sir Christopher Chope in the forum Banter 1 month ago

    He might have a point re: Finn’s Law – as cute and innocent as they are, a dog’s life is not as valuable as a human’s.

    Maybe there is value in having someone who sticks their head above the parapet and challenges popular emotive bills. There’s no way of knowing they are right if you’re not allowed to question them. Would be nice if they read…[Read more]

  • gary replied to the topic Big Game Trophy Hunters in the forum Banter 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    watching it on catch up now…I am 30 mins in to the documentary. And I have to say I am utterly appalled. I’ve not seen the elephant death yet and not sure I want to. But the crocodile. When the American shoots it from two meters in the head “oh yeah motherf*cker” then immediately talks of taxidermy. Just disgraceful.

    How these guys can have so…[Read more]

  • In a sense I agree but I have no doubt my parents (wartime) generation were more stoic and, yes, generally tougher. But that was a product of the times and we are more fortunate.

    @mark1 The war generation were certainly different, as in my grand parents, who were born during WW1. They were content with less, appreciated the small things in…[Read more]

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  • It’s not a guaranteed winning strategy as you don’t have infinite time and money. If one of those is finite you can’t guarantee to win. You have a certain odds of being up after so many days, which declines with time. But as ‘potential’ profit increases with time, it’s the human factor that ultimately makes it unwinnable.

    Most normal people seem…[Read more]

  • You post this as though its the norm in rape prosecutions. Is it ? or is it in a small proportion of the 2% strawman katy used above (that is a small proportion of the small number of false accusations)? Genuine question, I don’t know.

  • gary replied to the topic Car heater problem in the forum Banter 6 months, 1 week ago

    Isn’t this normally a resistor failure?

  • Genuine question : do people in south Africa actually use the term “cheeky monkey”? Do they ever playfully refer to children as monkeys? Do they actually use monkey as a racist insult?

    Seems to me that the answers are crucial to judging possible racism. Anyone familiar with the culture?

    On a different note, I have noticed that the Nando’s…[Read more]