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    that would be my stance. We live in a sea of microorganisms and viral material. We can’t function well without a decent set of bacteria so we shouldn’t be too fussy with some rigorous exceptions, 2 notable items being general cleanliness and hand hygeine round defecation and separation of foods that need to be cooked from those eaten without cooking.

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    speak for yourself – I’m more archaeon, fungal and viral than human …

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    I didn’t watch it because I don’t think I would have been able to. Feel sick when I hear about it, and hate photos about these trophy hunters, or any animal cruelty coming up on my Facebook feed.

    Slightly off topic, I do wonder about fish. Many see to die a horrible death, just being dragged out of the water and left to suffocate, and no-one…[Read more]

  • The large number of young men getting on with their lives following horrific physical and psychological damage from IEDs in our various misadventures abroad would indicate they’re no less resilient than previous generations.

  • The other way to win in the casinos is to play games against other people and not the casino. For example in the poker room, the casino might still take 5% off the table, but if you are more than 5% better than the other players then you will take their money and end up ahead on average

    The casino couldn’t care less who wins (someone always does)…[Read more]

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  • Knowing the day of your death sounds ok until you realise that human being are utter tossers who will use the information against you for everything from denying loans and insurance to being unutterably smug about having a few extra weeks of being an utter tosser.

    Keep ’em guessing.

  • Iv had Plantar fasciitis… very sore and nasty thing.
    You could try to ease your pain:
    -Freezing a water bottle and roll it back and forward on the sole of your foot.
    -Get some Footreviver orthotic insoles
    -Stand on the end of a step with the ball of your foot and stretch your heels down you might need to wait a while to do this .
    -Best…[Read more]

  • @mo you seem to have missed the “over centuries” bit in my post. It’s not just our grandparents, but their parents in WW1 and in the many, many generations before that who fought in all manner of conflicts, whether abroad or among rival kingdoms within Britain. If you can’t think on a scale larger and single person and a single lifetime no wonder…[Read more]

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    I also had an aura once. I knew exactly what it was, having read Oliver Sacks’ book Migraines, and initially was happy to indulge my curiosity and savour the experience. Then I thought “Uh oh, this means I’m getting a migraine. Maybe I’d better do something about it.” Because I don’t get migraines, I didn’t have any specific medication at hand -…[Read more]

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    Is our lifestyle sustainable, not just environmentally, but financially, long term.

    Not environmentally, but financially yes. We just need to reinvent money.

    Currently money is the Ponzi scam. Its value has long since broken from a correlation with a value for work done. This what has led us to believe poor people owe rich people lots of money…[Read more]

  • They want a safe life? Free life? Entitled brats…

    @mo It may seem hard to believe from where we live but none of us is entitled to safety and freedom. We have it because over centuries we’ve forged strong nations with stable democratic governments to keep the peace and powerful armies to defend ourselves with. Collectively we’ve earnt our…[Read more]