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  • It’s usually works out more economical to buy larger containers of oil, wherever you buy from. I also keep an empty 1 litre bottle and decant oil into that when I’m topping up so I have a better idea of how much I’m putting in. As was mentioned earlier, the difference between a high and low reading on the dipstick is often 1 litre.

  • They are undoubtably bad for you especially if they have nicotine in the “juice” which most do – they are after-all a form of nicotine replacement therapy. Inhaling steam is not normal and is bound to have some detrimental effect, but the level of harm is tiny. The harm is from Nicotine which is a poison – you can’t get away from this if you want…[Read more]

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    @tom You wouldn’t know the difference between rabbit and chicken in many meals.

  • ‘Uttering his terrible war cry Diomedes picked up a lump of rock. Even to lift it was a feat beyond the strength of any two men bred today, but Diomedes handled it alone without effort’

    (Illiad V 303)

    People were always tougher back in the day.

    I think the young will do fine are fine and in many ways are better than us.

  • The house always wins.

  • Think the problem was that every other item in the range was being modelled by a young white child. Then suddenly this one was being modelled by a young black child.> Probably totally innocent, but obviously it looks terrible for them.

    @andypandy Not true. They are Swedish and in the press here the mother was saying 3 days ago it was just one of…[Read more]

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    Had someone else said it you’d maybe give them the benefit of doubt. Trump has a long history of racism from ‘fine people on both sides’, to calling for the death penalty for some black youths, to his Pocahontas remarks to the Native American war heroes, to all Haitians have aids. And many more. If he’s not he’s making a bloody poor attempt to…[Read more]