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  • Global warming started well before the Millenials came on the scene. We’ve all been dealing with global warming for decades

    @sam You mean we’ve been fuelling it for decades, enjoying our cars and cheap fossil fuel energy, even though the science has been telling us for a while that it was crazy. And the worst consequences of it will be felt by t…[Read more]

  • It’s a ticking time-bomb. Flavour ingredients are allowed to be used to give aroma (which is 95% of taste) to foods. These molecules are ingested and dealt with by the stomach or passed straight though but the flavour molecule diacetyl, which gives the butter flavour to popcorn, has already been found to cause lung damage in eight workers in a…[Read more]

  • @bob I don’t know where to start, pretty much every claim you’ve made in your past post are easily verifiable as completely false.

    The UK finances were broadly fine before the recession. National debt was at broadly satisfying level and the increase in spending in the 2000 is statistically insignificant.

    The U.K. productivity was fine bef…[Read more]

  • @gutted I agree, but to suggest millennials are having it tougher than previous generations and are coping admirably as @joey suggest is just laughable. All generations have different challenges and all cope as best they possibly can. In the 70/80s there were very very few who were doing well at all, the majority suffered for a variety of…

    [Read more]

  • Nobody said it was “easy”.

    Whether you were born in 1945, 50, or 55, things got better by the day by the time you were 18, and you had nothing to do with it. Simply because of economic and technological progress. They did drugs and alcohol and gave us f*cking great music and art because they could. They were an incredibly creative gen…[Read more]