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    He’s a dick. End of.

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    Secure/immutable voting is one possible application of blockchain technology. I believe the Brazilian govt were looking at running their vote on the Ethereum network to cut down on fraud. One token per voter.

  • I once was seconded to work for an international tobacco company whom had basically modelled the future market and concluded that the market for traditional tobacco in the western world would be dead in 5-10yrs and e-cigs would follow shortly once people got wind of the issues with them.

    These people had more money than entire nations, the power…[Read more]

  • I have to admit, some of the younger members of staff at work really do make me wonder on occasion about the resilience of a certain age group. My personal experience (and it is only that), is that there seems to be an attitude of entitlement without effort. it is definitely a little divisive in the workplace with older members of staff on…[Read more]