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  • It’s good practice to keep the oil topped up. When oil light comes on then it’s last chance saloon really.

    On the dipstick there is usually a min mark and a max mark. Usually (but not always) the difference between min and max is 1 litre, most petrol stations sell the 1 litre top up size bottle.

    Where does it go? Oil gets burnt away with the…[Read more]

  • Surely voting does change things? brexit, the weakening of the current government, the destruction of the lib dems (and hence the brexit referendum), devolution, all significant changes brought about by elections or referendums.

    As to protests, not as often as many would hope (but they tend to forget the many who weren’t protesting ) but…[Read more]

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    I’d imagine an MP will have a look at what’s going through the chamber in advance of turning up, or not as the case may be.

    Whether or not they attend will depend upon whether the whips tell them to and if not, whether they feel they’re needed. In this case I imagine most thought the bill uncontroversial and as such it’s passage was assured. For…[Read more]

  • what study?

    the plume of smoke is actually steam/water-vapour. The unknown is the flavouring in it rest of the stuff should be fine. There’s no tar, or any of the other nasties in there.

    Regulating the flavouring I guess may happen.

    I’m not and never have been a smoker, but i know people using(abusing) these now.

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    Was part of r4 inside science, so I’d give it some credibility myself.

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    Surprisingly a head shot isn’t always best to guarantee an instant kill on many animals. Skull thickness, small brains etc.. especially in species which use their head to battle it out for boss of the herd. But regardless of this the shooting of any elephant is deplorable.

    Plenty evidence building through studies of trophy hunting to ‘fund’…[Read more]

  • I know a Royal Marine sgt who was in the Falklands conflict. I remember how proud he was when he told me how, “his lads” performed brilliantly under extremely arduous conditions in the war. “And they were mostly 18-23 year old kids , when they went, but by God they were men when they came back”.

    And I guess that will be the same always.

  • Doubling up. When I first started work in the 60s a mate at work suggested exactly this to me. Foolproof, he said. We went to a casino with something like £20 between us (this was as far as I remember 1967 or 68). We came out that night with £110 each, which seemed a fortune at the time. So of course went back the next night… and lost it all. Y…[Read more]