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  • Interesting post, thanks.

    Re: the synthetic / semi-synthetic malarky. I recall being told years ago that semi-synthetics were for engines that needed a higher mineral oil (without getting technical..) content to protect seals that weren’t compatible with fully synthetic oil. Is that an urban myth?

  • Looks like you’ve figured out the oil type!

    You do need the car level as possible to check the dipstick, inclines do make a difference. I’m not sure about your ‘up to operating temperature’ comment, (although I’m no expert), as that shouldn’t be an issue.

    The important thing is to leave it a few minutes after turning off the engine before…[Read more]

  • roadrunner replied to the topic We are in a Pre-facist era… in the forum Banter 1 month ago

    ” . . . I don’t know exactly how Trump polls in the UK, but I doubt it is very well. I would expect that the mainstream view is that he is a disgusting liar who is causing moral pollution at a serious, dangerous, global scale.”

    I’m very wary of making sweeping generalisations about the majority view. If the Brexit vote taught us anything, it’s…[Read more]

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    Curious about this.

    My understanding, admittedly from study 30+ years ago, was that there was a ballot of the MPs who wished to put forward a PMB – i.e names drawn out of a hat. If an MP got a high position, top 20 for example, they were in with a chance and only then did they have to decide what the bill would contain.

    The other option is the…[Read more]

  • @joey Diacetyl has been banned in e-cigarette juice flavorings in the UK for over 18 months now. The ‘ejuice’ industry has been booming recently and there’s an incentive for manufacturers to develop flavors with minimal additives as it appeals more to their customer base. I quit smoking through using an electronic cigarette and would say that…[Read more]

  • @mick-ward Blair had plenty of conviction.

    he was exactly what he said really. A centralist.

  • @martin The lack of long term careers is a good one.

    we are increasingly in a world where job after job is going. Delivery drivers next. There’s fewer and fewer long term options. Those leaving school/college now really need to look to the future and be flexible.

    Pilots will be gone soon, even medical care is starting to be delivered by robots…[Read more]