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  • tom replied to the topic Well done Donald! in the forum Banter 3 months ago

    Note that almost all those killed are young men, and (according their death notices in the Arab media) activists in Jihadi movements.

    @martin Let’s analyse this statement, Jondo reckoned “most” of those killed prior to yesterday the 40+ were Hamas terrorists, you say “almost all”. The evidence Jondo produced was an Israeli newspaper with the…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Well done Donald! in the forum Banter 3 months ago

    This would be fine, but some of these people killed over the last 6 weeks have been nowhere near the fence, so once again it doesn’t really add up Israel saying we’re in imminent danger.

    There’s plenty of footage of people being shot well away from the border fence.

    And we’re not just talking about the 90+ people killed but 2,000 + injured.

  • tom replied to the topic Well done Donald! in the forum Banter 3 months ago

    I keep hearing that Hamas are causing this, and it’s a shame that Hamas are forcing the IDF to kill protesters and children.

    But it’s relatively easy to stop, especially with the military might of Israel, you don’t shot into crowds of people on their own territory. If you’re defending yourself you could wait until people are actually at, in, or…[Read more]

  • Edit to above:

    I meant no conclusive evidence of harm, conclusions of studies are obviously keen to stress that long-term harm cannot be excluded, out of caution, but that they are many orders of magnitude safer than smoking.

    Given that there are some 80,000 smoking-related deaths per year in the UK, a move to subject vaping to the same…[Read more]

  • Scare stories abound, of course, but so does genuine scholarly peer-reviewed research, and as yet there is absolutely no evidence of harm from ecig vapour.

    Here’s a thorough meta-analysis to start with:

    And a more recent…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Big Game Trophy Hunters in the forum Banter 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    You wouldn’t know the difference between rabbit and chicken in many meals.

    @jimmy Being exceptionally picky and limited in what I eat I can tell exactly what I am eating. The only way to not taste mystery meat is to spice it and I don’t eat spices.

    Unfortunately my mum pandered to my every whim food wise and now as a fully grown adult I find…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Big Game Trophy Hunters in the forum Banter 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I like the idea of only eating what you kill, farmers take a dim view of shooting their pigs and cows though. (I dislike deer and can’t stand game).

  • Are people < 30ish just as resilient or have we created a world of special snowflakes?

    I would say they are probably more resilient and less deluded than their baby boomers parents, who grew up at a time where every day was better than the next, and they had nothing to do with it, and to this day still seem to take everything for granted.

  • As @andpandy says the table limits (max and min) are set so you max out and lose a large amount of money too often for it to make economical sense.

    In the end the house always wins!

  • Nope.

    Though I’m sure that once in a while, the wife will tell me that it’s going to happen very soon unless, etc.

  • tom replied to the topic How to get rid of heel pain? in the forum Health 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    suffered several years ago and even with special arches in my shoes now, the damage has been done. The pain went with gel heel insoles but then the tendons and ligaments collapse and so did my arches to now I am flat footed.

    Get some of these gel heel insoles to alleviate the pain I recommend FootRevivers for plantar fasciitis!

  • tom replied to the topic Silent Migraines in the forum Health 7 months ago

    I’ve not had one for a long while but no idea what the trigger is. I just get bad blurred tunnel vision for about half and hour- can’t read anything. Sometimes it’s followed by a bad headache, other times, nothing at all.

  • tom replied to the topic Basic curry cooking question in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    you should always cook onions right down, at least until golden (20 mins minimum). Undercooked onions are a cardinal sin in any form of cooking!

    @jam Not all curries cook onions till brown but quite a few do. It forms the base thickness of the sauce. Some tips: absolutely make sure you fry off any dry spices before adding any liquid. But burning…[Read more]

  • Should we pay for (or contribute towards) the French police stopping illegal migrants getting to the UK? Yes.

    Should we be buying migrants? not so much.

  • tom replied to the topic Anxiety is crippling me in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    Make an appointment to see your GP. It is possible to get help with anxiety.
    What is your employer’s ‘Lone Worker Policy’? Read it carefully and check the procedures that must be followed in case of any incident, make sure that those procedures are available to you, rehearse what you would do in the case of an incident. If necessary rehearse until…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Cyclists – sore elbows?! in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    This is going to sound daft but are your gloves giving you enough padding? I used to get very sore hands and elbows when cycling until I changed gloves, I think it was due to shock absorption which really hammered my joints. New gloves sorted it.

  • tom replied to the topic Another rape case collapses!? in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    @katy You may be right that it’s attitudinal change that has lead to this, but prominent members of the legal profession (e.g. The Secret Barrister) are pointing to lack of resources in the police and CPS to properly investigate and prepare cases for court.

    It has never been the police’s job to find evidence of guilt, and always to be objective…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Car heater problem in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    Sounds a lot like a failure in the idiotically designed speed control module.

    If 4 slowed down whilst 1-3 were failing I would lean towards a wiring failure. If it stayed at full power then I would lean towards the speed control module.

    Most speed control modules have a power input, a power output and a control input. If you bridge the power…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Why is everything racist now? in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    @donaldtrump Ok, I cant be bothered arguing with you. I dont have many feelings anyway so thats why its quite hard to offend me and likely why im not empathising.

    But all that aside and to the main point of it….

    Do you think the jumper is racist or not and does it give people the justification for going smashing stuff up? If you do think it’s…[Read more]

  • tom replied to the topic Why is everything racist now? in the forum Banter 7 months ago

    @donaldtrump I think you’ll find you have misquoted me. I didnt say that, and i also said if things are genuinely offensive then people are right to be offended. Im saying people are taking offence at things they are creating a meaning for to be offended at. You have no argument.

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