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      After 9 months of doing naff all the OH and I started cycling again a few weeks ago with the aim of doing the BHF 46mile ride. I’m really starting to feel fitter (although if I stopped eating and shed a few pounds I’m sure I’d feel even better!) and we’re gradually building up the route length, cycling more or less every other day and adding a few miles each week. However, I’m really struggling with painful elbows! I used to cycle a lot and have never had the problem before so I assume it’s to do with my current extra weight putting more pressure on my elbows or something but I’m not 100% convinced! Any thoughts or suggestions of ways to ease the aching appreciated!

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      I get this cycling 1 mile, the oh told me not to lock them out, maybe a habit you’ve picked up?

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      Can you play about with the angle of the handlebar stem? Some can be flipped over which raises/lowers the bars? Could help you to get a more relaxed arm.

      As I’ve got more ancient, I’ve had to alter my cycling posture a lot, and changed from drops to straight bars. Never had a problem with elbows, though, for me its mainly hands, neck and @rse!

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      I had this with my mountain bike. A colleague who is a very keen cyclist (ie. cycles 100 miles before lunch at the weekend etc!) recommended I heighten the handlebars so I’m sitting more upright.

      He said it was due to core strength (or my lack of it!). He said another way to improve it was to sit upright on the bike with tiptoes on the ground then with your core muscles engaged, gently lean forwards to rest your hands onto the handlebars, but not to load them with the weight of your upper body but to use your core muscles to support your upper body.

      Sorry this probably doesn’t make too much sense but when I tried it, it did make a big difference!

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      @sarah Lack of core strength seems to fit the bill! Will have a look at shifting the handle bar position. Thanks

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      This is going to sound daft but are your gloves giving you enough padding? I used to get very sore hands and elbows when cycling until I changed gloves, I think it was due to shock absorption which really hammered my joints. New gloves sorted it.

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      Just asked my keen cyclist and bike mechanic OH and he said he’s not heard of sore elbows before (sore knees, arse, neck and various other bits yes…but not sore elbows) but he’s seeing a mate who does physio and bike fittings soon so will ask him.

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      Sounds like you are putting too much weight on the handlebars. Shortening and raising the stem will lessen it. As a rule of thumb, on a road bike, if you are on the drops, the handlebar top tube should hide the front axle in your eye line. You might also find an elbow support brace will help stop you from doing this. I wear a good one from

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