Sleeping aids to help me sleep better?

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      So my sleeping pattern seems to have changed over the last year and I am sleeping no where as well as I used to. Hence feel rubbish most days and its making me grumpy.
      Any sleep aid recommendations please.

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      I suffer with insomnia, so I can empathise! It’s a struggle.
      Have you heard of sleep hygiene? It’s about routine, going to bed and waking up at the same time, no matter what. Bed is strictly for sleeping and not watching TV etc. No caffeine, alcohol or smoking before bed. I am also prescribed zopiclone but promethazine (you can get over the counter at a pharmacy) is helpful for some people. It is only meant to be used occasionally though.

      If it continues, do speak to your GP.
      Hope this helps!

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      I use those melatonin capsules from time to time. They really help me get to sleep and back to sleep when I wake up.

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      Have you tried any sleep meditations? There are lots on YouTube for free so might be worth a try. They always work for me.

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      Is your bedroom sufficiently dark (i.e. Pitch black) no light coming in window and no standby by electrical things making light. This has helped me the most.

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      I use those melatonin capsules from time to time. They really help me get to sleep and back to sleep when I wake up.

      I tried them, but I’m one of the side effect statistics, made me itchy all over.

      I use a mix of Eschscholzia californica (californian poppy), valerian, chamomile and Passiflora in fluid extract form

      I buy my herbs from Panacea Health Online – you can buy 500mls Eschscholzia for £10 or so where other retailers repackage and sell 10 mls for £10!!!

      Works well 🙂

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      I have a yoga routine that I do, it’s specifically for winding down and sleeping. It helps me a lot. It’s this one:

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      Wax earplugs to block out noise? Do you need a new bed?

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      Headspace is great – it is a mindfulness app available online, where the guy has THE most amazing voice which is totally hypnotic 🙂 Other than that, when I am having trouble getting to sleep I do the ‘mind lists’ thing where I list for example a country beginning with each letter of the alphabet etc…. I am currently on 4 girls names and 4 boys names of each letter of the alphabet.

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      HRT if you’re of ‘a certain age’…? Apols if you’re not!

      HRT got me so far but no further, until last month I discovered Menopace Night. OMG, it’s like all my b’days & xmases coming at once! Refreshing sleep! I never thought I’d get any ever again! It’s exhilarating!

      Apols again if you’re not a fellow member of the menopausal old bats club! You might well be 21!

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      I am a notoriously bad sleeper and have tried all kinds of things. I use a sleep app called Pzizz which helps a lot (really, try it!)

      If the OH is snoring (which he normally is) then the app doesn’t block him out so I use foam earplugs and a pair of sleep headphones with a very loud white noise app.

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