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Soothing waterproof eye cream?

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      I’ve suddenly got uber sensitive eyes. They burn, literally like they are on fire. It’s set of by the slightest thing, every hint of mousturiser that’s not the correct one! Shampoo, makeup something/anything on my hand transferred accidentally….
      They then start streaming like mad. It’s making the outside corner skin really crazy sore and red looking.
      I need an almost barrier type hypoallergenic (although that’s still no guarentee I can use it!) rich eye cream?

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      Having had streaming issues last week the pharmacist then did say that for whatever reason if something tips us over the edge it does seem to come out in eyes. Mine are definitely cream sensitive and as it was I didn’t know if the issue was suncream being outside/pollen, the sun etc etc, despite taking 3 loratadine throughout the day. I left with some antistin eye drops as was going to be in the same situation for the next 2 days and they were then fine, it only last 28 days opened but I am going to make sure I have some over the summer from now on (I also got some chloramphenicol for the at least heading towards conjunctivitis eye!)

      as for the outside corner hmm, I have been surprisingly impressed by my non reaction to aveeno stuff compared to others.

    • I would speak to a pharmacist, I have found that they are usually very helpful.

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      Thanks, I never think of pharmacist’s so that’s a good shout as I don’t want a Dr appointment for it but it is irritating!
      Aveeno is good! In fact many years ago I ended up being referred to a dermatologist over a skin reaction and he told me to stop putting anything on my face at all except aveeno moisturiser twice a day as it’s so natural and gentle.

    • Streaming eyes can, sometimes, be a sign of dry eye.
      Are you registered with an optician or ophthalmologist? If so, get them to have a look.

    • I have very dry eyes and they are always streaming. I have a gel to put in at night – it’s no good for during the day as it makes everything blurry – and drops for during the day. I’ve recently changed to preservative free ones as the optician said the preservatives can cause mites in the eye – yuck! The other thing that helps is an eye spray which stops the eyes running so the tears stay in the eye to lubricate it.






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