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Professor Jeremy Brown is a sadistic FRAUD

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    • Professor Jeremy Brown from UCL and the joint committee on vaccines is a sadistic evil RAT! Last night he appeared yet again on the new spouting crap about how we should have social distancing and restriction after June 21st the date set out by the government that should see the end of all legal restrictions in the UK. Despite the data showing that easing the restrictions should go ahead Professor Jeremy Brown decided to appear on tv to try to rip peoples hope away without ANY scientific evidence because he does not want the pandemic to end.

      Right through the entire pandemic Professor Jeremy Brown has been deliberately trying to cause as much misery and possible by appearing on tv spouting nonsense to cause as much misery and panic as he can at a time when so many people are suffering from chronic mental health problems and suicides are at their highest level since records began. Professor Jeremy Brown is no bothered at all about saving lives he has even said in the past that its okay if people die after taking the vaccines and that young people should stay in lockdown until vaccinated. He is an evil snake who is feeding off the pandemic and should be ignored because non of what he says is backed by any scientific evidence.

      FYI, before believing any random person that appear on news program on tv who is talking about covid make sure to research that person instead of taking everything they say as fact. You will find 90% of time that either that person has some vested interest, has been proven wrong time after time or has zero actual qualifications to talk about viruses.






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