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      Where do you look for jobs, especially newly qualified?

      The only recommendations we’ve had so far are Reed, and JobsUK, but would like other recommendations.

      My company needs yet another junior developer/programmer, but we’re not really up to date with the latest advertising trends.

      Many thanks


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      I’ve seen a lot SMEs to corporates on campus to meet/recruit students for junior roles. Contact your local university to see if they have any careers events or if they want a guest speaker from industry.

      Some of the SMEs I know are doing Hackathons.

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      Both are popular with programmers.

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      I don’t anymore. The programming job crowd is very over crowded… I got into programming thinking it would be an easy way to get a job. I know java, php plus all the easy stuff such as html css etc but companies want the very best (even if they themselves don’t know what the very best actually looks like) but don’t want to pay for it so just settle for the guy that does it the cheapest.
      I now just develop my own software instead which is more worth my while than working for someone else.

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      Roughly what kind of job? The places to recruit Node devs aren’t necessarily the same as C++ (for example). You’ll tend to have more success recruiting grads for trendy stacks too.

      Depending on what your company’s social media presence is like that’s been pretty successful for the last couple of companies I’ve worked for. Also, LinkedIn is great and almost more useful in smaller markets, like sheffield, where the community is relatively small and so a little exposure can get you in front of a most of the potential applicants.

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